Residential Valuations

Although we do not offer simple valuations for secured lending, we do offer specialist valuation expertise in relation to the valuation of a residential property.

And, with the regulation offered by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), the foremost body of property professionals worldwide, you can rest assured with the security of knowing that any advice being offered is from a fully-insured professional practice.

regulated by Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors

Our main area of work is within a thirty-mile radius of Basingstoke, but we regularly carry out work across the whole of the south of England, and as far away as Cornwall, Mid-Wales, the Midlands and Yorkshire.

Reinstatement Cost Assessment

These are inspections intended to assess the cost of re-building a property for insurance purposes requiring an inspection and measurement of the building and an assessment of the cost of rebuilding on the normal insurers basis which assumes that a total loss will occur.

It is particularly important to have this type of valuation carried out accurately, and by a chartered surveyor, if a purchase is proceeding without the benefit of lending finance.

The responsibility of establishing the valuation figure if the property is that of the owner of the house and not the insurance company who, particularly when dealing with historic or complex properties, recommend such figures should be regularly revised by a further inspection rather than reliance on simple indexing.


Formal valuations are often required in relation to taxation issues including, for example, capital gains tax and, most commonly, inheritance tax when dealing with the grant of probate following a death.

Once again, we would normally want to discuss the purpose for such a valuation directly with you and advise whether in our opinion there is a necessity for a formal valuation or whether informal information readily available will be sufficient based on the circumstances of the matter.

Experts Valuations

Disputes relating to the value of properties arise regularly and expert valuation reports are often required for formal legal proceedings. These can be carried out for one or other of the parties involved in the dispute or, more commonly, as a jointly appointed expert either by agreement between the parties or in the absence of such agreement, appointed by the Court.

The most common situation where this type of valuation is required is in matrimonial proceedings.

Shared Equity Schemes

Finance providers and housing associations dealing with properties owned under Shared Equity Schemes frequently require formal valuations when undertaking staircasing transactions or sales.

We provide this type of formal valuation satisfying most providers requirements of being independent chartered surveyors and registered valuers and having no connection to estate agents.

There are many reasons and basis on which valuations can be required, many of these of a very specialist nature.

If you have a requirement for a property valuation, please contact us as we will happily discuss your requirements, and if the work falls outside our areas of expertise, we’ll try to put you in touch with surveyors with particular specialist services.