Residential Surveys

It makes sense that before you commit to buying a property you arrange for a professional inspection so that you are aware of the condition of the house, both for negotiating the purchase and subsequently when living in the property.

Many people assume that a lenders valuation of a property for mortgage purposes will provide detailed advice on the condition of the house. This is not the case and if you wish to have this information you should arrange for an independent surveyor’s opinion.

We offer two forms of pre-purchase inspection and report to identify condition.

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Our main area of work is within a thirty-mile radius of Basingstoke, but we regularly carry out work across the whole of the south of England, and as far away as Cornwall, Mid-Wales, the Midlands and Yorkshire.

Home Buyer Report

Generally intended for more modern properties but appropriate for houses of conventional construction dating back to late Victorian times.

The report is based on an inspection of accessible parts of the property and provides a general summary of the form of construction of the elements from which the building is formed and their condition, together with recommendations for repair or further investigation.

The report does not normally include either an assessment of market value or a reinstatement cost assessment for insurance purposes as these are the primary purposes of the valuation for secured lending purposes carried out by a valuer appointed by, and often employed by, the lender.  If the house is being purchased without the benefit of a mortgage we can provide a market valuation, reinstatement cost assessment for insurance purposes or both if agreed at the time of instruction.  These will incur an additional fee.

Building Survey Report

This type of report is prepared less frequently than the Homebuyer Inspection as it is primarily intended for more complex period properties or sometime modern properties which have been extensively altered.

It is ideal for properties utilising vernacular construction techniques, in this area for example, thatch roofing, cobb walling or historic oak framed structures, where the form of construction significantly affects both current and future condition and requires greater attention to detail in the inspection and the form of reporting.

Even in large estate developments apparently identical houses, when viewed from the exterior, are virtually always different which is why, wherever possible, we try and discuss the property and the options available for inspection with you before providing a fee quotation to ensure that the service that we recommend is most appropriate for both you and the property to be inspected.

This continues our philosophy of providing a personal service and is why we will not provide quotations for inspections based on postcode, purchase price and number of bedrooms as some surveyors will.

Bespoke Surveys

Although these are the two principal forms of pre-purchase inspection to establish condition, it is possible in some circumstances to tailor either the standard forms or prepare a completely individual type of reporting to suit a particular property and a particular clients’ needs. 

An example of this are where properties are in dilapidated condition and you intend to carry out major extension and adaptation works and requires specific advice on specific aspects of the current building to ensure it is suitable for such a scheme. 

We will happily discuss this type of tailored approach with a client and advise if we are able to offer such a service in a particular instance.