Party Walls & Neighbourly Matters

In an increasingly developed environment, occasional conflicts between neighbours over property matters occur.

As well as Paul Bailey being a member of the Pyramus & Thisby Club, a national organisation for professionals dealing with Party Wall matters, we have long experience of dealing with a wide range of property wall issues and neighbourly disputes..

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Our main area of work is within a thirty-mile radius of Basingstoke, but we regularly carry out work across the whole of the south of England, and as far away as Cornwall, Mid-Wales, the Midlands and Yorkshire.

Party Walls

The Party Wall etc Act 1996 provides a framework for the control of many building works at or close to a boundary between properties in different ownership. Where owners cannot agree a process in advance it sets out a statutory framework whereby surveyors appointed individually by each part or an agreed surveyor appointed by both parties, set out how the works should be undertaken.

The Act applies to not only works affecting conventional party walls, such as those between semi-detached houses, but works to buildings along the line of junction between two properties, the erection of new walls along a boundary and where excavations are required in an area close to existing structures in other ownership where those excavations will be lower than the underside of any nearby foundations.

The Act provides protection to both parties but can also give statutory rights to the building owner carrying out the works to do works to parts of buildings which they do not actually own and to go on to land in other ownership to carry out works.

Paul Bailey is a member of the Pyramus & Thisby Club, a national organisation for professionals dealing with Party Wall matters and has long experience of dealing with a wide range of such matters including large central London basement projects.

He is mindful of the over-riding intention of the legislation which is to facilitate and control building works rather than obstruct them and is always happy to discuss party wall matters with either building owners carrying out the works or adjoining owners affected by them and to suggest pragmatic, practical and cost effective ways of dealing with the party wall process.

Pyramus and Thisbe Member Basingstoke

Neighbourly Matters

It is commonly said that “an Englishman’s home is his castle” and in an increasingly developed environment this unfortunately, but perhaps inevitably, leads to occasional conflicts between neighbours over property matters.

The most common form of neighbourly dispute is a boundary dispute and Paul Bailey has a long experience of dealing with such matters including the provision of expert evidence for Courts and Arbitrations and appearances at those tribunals.

He also has experience of acting as a mediator and providing determining expert evidence on receipt of a mutually agreed by both parties to a dispute.