Charted Surveyor Services

Our range of services offer you peace of mind, with the regulation offered by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), the foremost body of property professionals worldwide.

You can rest assured with the security of knowing that any advice being offered is from a fully-insured professional practice.

regulated by Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors

Our main area of work is within a thirty-mile radius of Basingstoke, but we regularly carry out work across the whole of the south of England, and as far away as Cornwall, Mid-Wales, the Midlands and Yorkshire.

Residential Surveys

It makes sense that before you commit to buying a property you arrange for a professional inspection so that you are aware of the condition of the house, both for negotiating the purchase and subsequently when living in the property.

Many people assume that a lenders valuation of a property for mortgage purposes will provide detailed advice on the condition of the house.

This is not the case and if you wish to have this information you should arrange for an independent surveyor’s opinion.

We offer two forms of pre-purchase inspection and report to identify condition.

Residential Valuations

Valuations of residential properties can be carried out for a variety of reasons, the most common being for secured lending purposes or for a mortgage valuation. It is a common mistake amongst house purchasers based on information provided by estate agents and mortgage advisors, that this type of inspection will provide advice on the condition of a property.

The purpose of a valuation for secured lending purposes is designed to ensure that the lender has adequate security for their loan. Some such valuations, particularly where there is a high level of equity within the proposed transaction will be assessed by automated valuation models without any form of inspection by a chartered surveyor and others may involve a drive-by or desktop exercise.

This type of valuation does not sit with our philosophy of providing a personal service tailored to the individual client and individual property. So, we took the decision many years ago to withdraw from offering this type of valuation by resigning our membership of lenders valuation panels.

Valuations for secured lending purposes are however only one of a wide range of valuation types that can be required and the practice still offers specialist valuation expertise in relation to such valuations.

Party Walls and Neighbourly Matters

It is commonly said that “an Englishman’s home is his castle” and in an increasingly developed environment this unfortunately, but perhaps inevitably, leads to occasional conflicts between neighbours over property matters.

The most common form of neighbourly dispute is a boundary dispute and Paul Bailey has a long experience of dealing with such matters, including the provision of expert evidence for Courts and Arbitrations and appearances at those tribunals.

He also has experience of acting as a mediator and providing determining expert evidence on receipt of a mutually agreed by both parties to a dispute.

Building Surveying

Building Surveyors have a wide knowledge of building construction and building practice, some of the types of work undertaken are detailed below in brief and Paul Bailey is always happy to discuss issues with potential clients to identify what assistance can be provided.

Construction Disputes

Paul Bailey has a long experience of acting in construction disputes relating to standards of workmanship, costs and contractual disputes.  He has acted as an appointed expert for both claimants and defendants as well as a joint expert.  He has experience of appearing before both Courts and Arbitrations.  He has also acted as mediator in attempting to resolve domestic construction disputes.

Specific Defect Analysis and Fault Finding

Properties are increasingly complex and defects and faults often arise and can be difficult to identify and resolve.  With a wide ranging knowledge of building practice and procedure Building Surveyors are ideally suited for the investigation of particular defects which may be affecting property owners or occupiers and advice on how they should be rectified.

Alterations, Adaptations and Refurbishments

We can provide advice on the processes leading to alteration and refurbishment works including assessment of prior condition, recommendation of types and work and their specification and the administration of building contracts.  We can also provide advice on issues affecting sustainability of such projects.